Succeed in the Sharing eConomy!

Please join us on Wednesday, July 15th, from 8am – 4pm, at SUNY Poly CNSE, for the 9th Annual smAlbany Networking & Education Day!

Learn what it will take to succeed in the Sharing eConomy

Learn what it will take to succeed in The Sharing Economy

Whether you’re a maker, entrepreneur, start up, business owner, moonlighter, DBA, LLC, PLLC or freelancer, you have special needs to make it all work.

Enter the Sharing eConomy:
Spurred on by The Recession and a desire for sustainability, the Internet and smartphones have made it easy for individuals to share expensive resources. For us, the sharing economy represents a new way of interacting with each other – for the next generation it will just be normal.

This year’s theme – Succeed in the Sharing eConomy! – is designed to help you thrive in tomorrow’s challenges.

Additionally, speakers and workshops will help you address Organizational Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Internet Marketing in a Mobile-friendly World.

Join Mistress of Ceremonies Elaine Patrice Perkins, Director, Startup Grind Albany, Founder & CEO, The Word Architect, as she leads us through a day of connecting, learning and relaxing.

New this year:

smAlbany 2015 multi-media powered by:

Schenectady Access Cable Council

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Schenectady Access Cable Council
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Tropi App

Topi is a networking app designed to help you quickly and naturally connect with people you don’t know yet.



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Cider Belly Donut Shop

Cider Belly
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estuari, helps tech talent, new founders and tech clusters emerge by providing a combination of space, access, engagement and connection not only within the capital district, but with NYC and other regions of NYS.

smAlbany 2015 Lunch Sponsor:

Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary 217 Wolf Road Albany, NY 12205 518.435.0843

Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary
217 Wolf Road Albany, NY 12205

The Un-job Fair!
A unique and FREE opportunity for local employers to find local talent in an intimate setting not usually found at job fairs.

smAlbany is the annual education and networking event dedicated to fostering the growth of small businesses in the Capital District / Tech Valley Region. This year, find out how the Sharing eConomy is destined to affect your start-up or small business, and how to position yourself for success in this brave new world!

Watch to learn more!

Who should Attend?

  • Makers
  • Sweat-equity entrepreneurs
  • Part-time business owners
  • Home-based business owners
  • Established business owners
  • Local Franchisors / Franchisees
  • Those looking to start a business

If you provide a product or service useful to small business owners, and are interested in becoming an Exhibitor, please complete the request form located here: EXHIBITOR APPLICATION.

If you or your organization are interested in becoming a sponsor, please complete the request form located here: SPONSOR APPLICATION