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Connect to Your Work / Life Balance!

July 17, 2014. 8am – 4pm
Eventbrite - smAlbany 2014
Please join us for the 8th Annual smAlbany Small Business Day and Business Owner Conference!

smAlbany is dedicated to fostering the growth of small businesses in the Capital District / Tech Valley Region. This year’s theme, ‘Connect to Your Work / Life Balance’, marks a departure from tradition by placing focus on the overall well-being of the micro / small business owner and key small business personnel.

Attendees can opt to make a self-assessment with regard to work, family and personal health, and will be given a workbook and suggested track through the seminars and workshops, in order to effectively address the areas in which they identify themselves as wanting improvement.

  • Speakers will be successful small business owners who will reveal the secrets of their success.
  • Exhibitors will offer not only core business process solutions, but leisure time and lifestyle solutions, as well.
  • Workshops will focus on real-world solutions for finding balance in your life.

This year’s goal is to help small business owners, family business members and key team members achieve sustainability for their businesses while avoiding burn-out, family conflicts and low physical energy.

Successful small business owners, the ones who’ve weathered the Recession and the explosion of technology and are still thriving, have done so by learning to balance and maintain their personal health, family commitments and professional goals. We want to share that and make this a day of true reflection and planning. our exhibits will offer scalable solutions.

Who should Attend?

  • The sweat-equity entrepreneur
  • The ‘part-time’ business owner
  • The home-based business owner
  • The micro business owner
  • Established business owners
  • Those looking to start a business

If you provide a product or service useful to small business owners, and are interested in becoming an exhibitor, please complete the request form on the right for consideration, or EXHIBITOR APPLICATION.